Sunday, March 26, 2017



When talking about accessories, sunglasses have got to be some of my favorite. I have a decent collection but for some reason always end up wearing the same ones.. does this happen to anyone else? Lol. I got these at TJ Maxx a while ago and this is probably the only time I have worn them. I linked some similar ones by Quay (which I actually just purchased about a week ago also in the nude color). I cant wait to wear them, they are oversized which I love.. They are bigger than the ones I am wearing in this pic. I don't know about you but I love oversized sunnies. Although I am starting to like some of the smaller frames I've been seeing around lately. It's always good to have a variety. A cute pair of sunnies can be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, especially now that it's warming up. Make sure to find sunglasses that compliment your face shape. For example, I feel like I have a round face so I typically go for square sunnies. I also like the cateye or aviators. I do have a couple of round ones but I try to stay away from those as often as possible. However, I do love the circle sunnies which sucks because they don't compliment my face as well. What are your favorite sunnies?

Love Luchi <3

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