Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Band Tee


Can I just tell you guys how miserable this weekend has been for me?? I've had a toothache all weekend long. I don't think I have ever said this but I cant wait for it to be Monday. I need to set a dentist appointment like ASAP. Although I don't have health coverage for 60 days since I just started this new job.. But I can't take this pain anymore. Toothaches are the WORSE! On another note, hope your weekend was better than mine. Can you believe that after having super nice weather the last couple of weeks we're gonna have two snow days in a row. I am NOT looking forward to that this week. Mother nature needs to get it together, we need some sun. I need the warm weather to come and stay forever. 

Love Luchi <3

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines Day Series : Casual Look


As I sit here thinking about this post and Valentines. I can't help but think about those who aren't celebrating or who don't want to celebrate because they don't have a special someone.. Or maybe because they feel undeserving.. IDK whatever the case. I think it's important, as humans, that we realize that the most important kind of love in this world is self love. Everything begins with us. It is important that we take care of ourselves before we begin to take care of others. So.. If this Valentines season you have no one to celebrate with, go out and celebrate yourself. Treat yourself to something you love make yourself feel special. I think humans have this desire to feel wanted and/or needed by someone else.. And in some cases when this doesn't happen then they feel undeserving or like they aren't good enough. However, when you begin to love yourself and I mean, truly, love yourself you will no longer have that desire. You won't allow anyone or anything to dictate your happiness. When you learn to be happy on your own and to love yourself and then find someone who compliments you and loves you, that's when great things happen. So if today you don't have a lover or a friend(s) to hang out and celebrate with, go enjoy some alone time. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

On another note, I found this coat in my moms closet.. Isn't it fab? I loved styling it! This is a great alternative for Valentines it's perfect for a night out with your friends.. Or if you're doing something a little more casual with bae. I hope you all have been able to find inspiration in my Valentines Series and looks. Enjoy today to the max. Love harder than ever.

Love Luchi <3

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