Sunday, July 23, 2017

Block Heels


So lets talk about block heels and how great they are.. because, seriously, they're great! What makes them so great? Not only are they trendy and cute but SO comfortable. I wore these to a concert last night and I did not complain about my feet hurting a single time. There are some that are a little taller and those might hurt a little but I think they are still more comfortable than your typical high heel shoe. As a woman I love heels and I love how feminine and cute they make you look and feel. However, heels aren't always the most comfortable. When I think about going out and wearing heels I dread it sometimes because I don't want to feel the pain. Block heels make the perfect choice when you're seeking for comfort. You can still look cute without going through all the pain. You know me, I'm all for comfort.

Love Luchi <3

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  1. Amazing heels out there. Honestly these are the best kind, totally adds stability and give a chic look at the same time. Although we don't see much variety of these in stores :/