Sunday, July 2, 2017


Theres a trick to buying mules and slides, at least for me. When buying this type of shoe I usually go up half a size, sometimes even a whole size up. I feel it gives you more wiggle room when you go up. For example, the times I have tried on my exact size I feel like my feet hang off the back.. I personally don't like that, I feel like it makes the shoe appear too small for your feet. Also, when you walk in this kind of shoe, especially slides, I feel like your feet tend to slide back a little.. Again, making the shoe appear too small when buying your exact size. However, when I go up in size it gives me just the right amount of space needed. This is the case for me; it might be different for you, but if you plan on purchasing a pair this might be something to consider. I'm curious to know if anyone else feels the same way when buying mules and/or slides? With all that being said.. I ordered these slides I fell in love with on Zara the last pair they had was a size 5. I knew they'd be too small but I thought I'd try them either way since they were sold out in a 6.. Sure enough, too small. My feet hang too much off the back and it drives me nuts. Now I have to return them but I keep rechecking to see if they restock.. No luck yet :(

Love Luchi <3

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