Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentines Day Series: Emerald Green


Hola mis amores!! So lets talk Valentines Day.. I feel like so many people are so salty when it comes to this day. Some say you shouldn't wait for this, ONE, day of the year to celebrate the people you love or to show them how much you care; that it should be something you do on a daily basis. Which is true to a certain extent. You should, ALWAYS, show your appreciation to those you love in one way or another no matter the day of the year. You shouldn't need a special day to do this. However, we have a special day.. So why not take advantage? Right? So.. Get up, dress up and celebrate love; celebrate the people you care about and cherish. It doesn't necessarily have to be a spouse/partner (if you have a partner, great, celebrate with them) but if you don't, go out with your girlfriends and/or best friends. Take the time to show them how much you love and appreciate them. Most importantly enjoy the day, love those around you and let them love you back. I think the world can use more V-days the way its looking right now. The world NEEDS more LOVE!

Love Luchi <3

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