Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Choose Love


There is a quote I really love that says "let love conquer pride." Pride is something that we all often struggle with, I know I do. Too often when people do and/or say things to hurt us the first thing we think about is lashing back with something just as harsh, if not, worse. While speaking to a friend this weekend he reminded me of the importance of "being the bigger person." This can make you feel like you took a hit (more like a hit to your pride) but it will help keep you sane. Misery loves company and there will be plenty of people in this world who will, in one way or another, try to bring you down with their negativity. I hope you never allow someone else's inability to see your worth and potential bring you down. That if you ever have to defend yourself you do so with dignity, without having to hurt someone else in order to make yourself feel better. Don't give into all the negativity the world is constantly trying to feed us. Choose to fight your obstacles and differences with love. In a world that's filled with so much hate, let love conquer pride, today. So that our world, can once again, become one filled with love and harmony. Goodnight beautiful people! 

Love Luchi <3

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