Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oversized Beanies

Beanie- H&M SIMILAR: HERE // Leggings- Zara HERE // Top- Zara HERE // Jacket- H&M SIMILAR: HERE & HERE // Shoes- Zara HERE

I have to apologize for the picture overload, but I am a tad bit obsessed with my son.. Okay, maybe not a tad bit, A LOT! lol. It will probably be like this every Sunday so you might as well get used to it hahaa. I normally just let him do his thing, I set him out on the sidewalk/street and snap as he goes. Sometimes I try to pose him but that doesn't work, he gets frustrated so I just let him be. By the way I am obsessed with these leggings from Zara... Really soft material and very comfortable. However, they are really thin so I would not recommend them for when it gets really cold. But I feel like they are a great investment for kids since they move around so much, sometimes I feel like jeans seem so uncomfortable for him. Hope you enjoyed the post. 

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Love Luchi <3
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