Thursday, October 23, 2014

Abandoned Places

Jeans: Target HERE HERE & HERE  // Jacket: F21 HERE & HERE // V-neck: Target HERE // Boots: Target // Bag: H&M (OLD)

I really was not going to post this outfit.. This was more of a, I didn't feel like getting ready/couldn't find anything to wear kind of outfit. However, I always have my camera around so I thought I'd snap a few pics to see how they'd come out. Lets just say we got a few good shots (so why not post them, right). This is like my uniform when I have nothing to wear.. My go to kind of outfit. This is why basics are so important. What does your go to outfit look like? Find me on Instagram and tag me @bellaenpink, I would love to see. Good day lovely people. 

Love Luchi <3
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