Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Its a Must!

Kimono :: H&M (similar here // Bag :: H&M (similar here) // Leggings, Tank :: F21 // Heels :: Gojane

Kimonos, one of this Summer's hottest must have. Not only do they make the perfect bathing suit cover up but they are great for creating so many different looks. They come in so many different styles, lengths and prints. You can pair them with shorts, dresses, jeans and like I've already mentioned a bathing suit. You can also do like I did and make it more your own by tying it in the front or you can even wrap it and hold it together with a belt. Use it as a dress and/or shirt once tied or cinched with a belt. I have recently been into these long shirts, I love the way they look with pants and leggings. There is a specific one that I have been wanting but unfortunately sold out online and I cannot find it at my local H&M. This is why I decided to "create my own" and turn this kimono into a "top." :) Like I said the possibilities are endless with these kimonos. To help you create some of these great Summer looks at affordable prices make sure to check out Raise. Raise allows you to buy gift cards at a discounted price and/or sell unwanted gift cards. They service a wide variety of stores from clothing to craft and even restaurants, they cater to everyone. You can save anywhere from 3-30% on stores such as Bloomingdale's, TJ Maxx, GAP, Target, Burberry, American Apparel and H&M, just to name a few. It's perfect for saving money and time (being that its' just a click away). Whether you are shopping for this kimono, a weekend getaway, a Summer vacation maybe even back to school, you will find great deals on Raise. I feel like it is even more convenient now that the "back to school" season has started. Think of all the money you will be saving with all the deals going on at the stores as well!! Things can get a little pricey especially if you have kids, so I know every little bit helps. Perhaps, it can also help you save money on items I have featured that you like. Either way, make sure to check them out! Don't forget that gift cards can make a great gift too. I know I love a good deal, don't you?

Love Luchi <3

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