Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Hues

Jeans :: Old Navy old (similar here) // Top :: F21 (here) // Purse :: F21 (here) // Chain :: F21 (here) // Studs :: F21 // MK Watch :: Nordstrom Rack

I know I have brought this up before but its a constant struggle for me. I don't know if this only happens to me, but every time I go shopping I seem to find more bottoms than I do tops. I have made it a goal not to buy more bottoms when I go into a store. I always struggle when getting ready in the AM because of this. I have all these bottoms I can wear but no tops to go along with them.. So annoying! My biggest struggle, I feel like, is finding tops that are both appropriate for the office and outside the office. The office is really where I spend most of my time during the week, therefore, I have to make sure to buy things that are appropriate for my work place but that still are fun enough to wear out on the weekends or while hanging with my friends. What are your struggles when it comes to shopping or getting ready in the AM?

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Love Luchi <3

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