Monday, June 2, 2014

Pink Pop

Jeans:: H&M (here) // Sweatshirt:: H&M (here) // Heels:: Shoedazzle // Clutch:: F21 (similar here) // MK Watch:: Nordstrom Rack // Sunnies:: H&M

The worse thing happened to me today. I went to a new lady for my eyebrows and she messed them up, wahhhh!!! Not only did she make them extremely thin she also made one of them round, which I hate! Now I have to let them grow, this is probably a good time to learn how to shade them in lol. I typically go to the same person but I've tried going multiple times now and never find her at the salon.. And my eyebrows were in desperate need of some love. I am usually very picky about my eyebrows and never trust anyone with them, unless I've previously seen the persons work. I just couldn't go another day without my eyebrows getting done which is why I tried this new place.. Lesson learned, never again cheating on my lady. 

Love Luchi <3