Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mix and Matching Prints

Top:: Target (here) // Skirt:: Target (here) // Heels:: Gojane (similar here) // Clutch:: F21 (similar here)

The best thing about summer has got to be wearing dresses, shorts and skirts. This skirt was one of those things that you see on the rack and think grandma cute.. Not too convincing on the rack but convincing enough to try on and then once on, too cute not to buy. I really love these midi circle skirts I feel like they are so classy and can also be so elegant.  

This is something I put together yesterday (Friday). I had been wanting to do a little mix and matching and finally dared to. I guess you can say it's something that is out of my comfort zone.. But it's also something that I love! Life is about takings risks and trying new things though, and so I did. I love it so much that I just might be doing a little more of it. Dare to try something new!

Love Luchi <3

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  1. Great mix of prints, I love it