Friday, April 25, 2014


Dress/Shoes- F21, MK Watch- Nordstrom Rack, Earrings- H&M, Clutch- Random
Maybelline "Brazen Berry' lipstick- Walmart

The wind was not working in my favor today! When I left my house it was very nice and sunny but as the day progressed it got cloudy and windy.. But although it was windy and cloudy it was not cold which I guess was a plus. I love taking pictures in this kind of weather.. The lighting is perfect and I don't come out with super squinty eyes, lol,  like I do on the brighter days.  

I finally got to wearing these earrings which I purchased probably like two years ago. This is my first time wearing them :o. That is exactly what I mean by I need to start putting my other accessories to use. The amount of things that I have that I never and/or rarely use is ridiculous. Here is to wearing those things more often. 

My lipstick, purchased it yesterday. I am in LOOOVVVEEE!!! Color perfect! Welp, that is all for today hope you all have a great night!

Love Luchi <3

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