Sunday, April 20, 2014

His First Easter

HERS: Pants/Top/Studs/Bracelet- F21, Heels- Kohls, MK Watch- Nordstrom Rack 
HIS: Top- F21, Sneakers- Nike Outlet, Jeans- Pac Sun, Diesel Watch- Nordstrom Rack 
BABY: Top- Old Navy, Shorts/Shoes- H&M

I could never express how much I love weekends because it's when I can spend the most time with my family. You'll have to excuse the picture overload but it was Jair's first Easter so I couldn't resist. I love him so much and its so amazing to see him grow and see all his little milestones as he grows. He'll be nine months on the 28th, they really do grow so fast. He's already outgrowing my arms and its so sad lol.. but he will forever be my baby no matter how old he gets. 

Today I wanted a little something more bright being that its Easter and not only that but its Spring. Warmer weather means brighter colors. I normally wear more neutral colors, but I want to take more risks when it comes to fashion.. This is me doing that hehee. Hope you all have had an amazing Easter surrounded by all of your loved ones. Goodnight y'all!

Love Luchi <3

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