Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day and Night

Blazer/Accessories/Cognac Sandals- F21, White Top- H&M, Shorts- GAP, Heels- Kohls 

So lately I have been having withdrawals, I've been missing my blog.. Therefore I thought I'd start putting some outfits together and post them. These are maternity shorts by the way but there are a lot of cute ones out there that aren't, I know F21 has some. On another note, I have started to buy little things here and there for after I give birth. Those clothes shall be my motivation to lose all the baby weight, which I have gained quite a bit. But until then I will probably continue to do posts like these, or maybe I'll style up the bestie and use her as a model lol. 

Just thought I'd put something together that you can wear both day and night. Something simple that you can wear out to brunch or even a night out in the town. I think turning something from day to night can be pretty simple.. A quick change of shoes, makeup and even accessories which I didn't do here will do the trick. Hope you guys enjoy!

Love Luchi <3

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