Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mexico Day 2

Dress/Sandals/Earrings- F21 

I truly had an AMAZING time in Mexico. We mainly went to visit my boyfriends family so I was able to see the REAL Mexico. Most people go and visit only the tourist side of Mexico. Being able to visit both Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta was great I got the best of both worlds. Im not going to lie at first it was a little scary. Im not sure if you guys know about the tough time Mexico is currently going through, but things are pretty bad. Their cities are filled with violence do to el cartel/sicarios. These people deal with a lot of drug trafficking, killings and kidnappings. They are not afraid to kill and when they kill they do so in the most horrendous way. From what I understood most of the killings occur among rival groups but God forbid if an innocent person is ever caught between these gunfights. These killings happen on a daily basis most happen at night but they will go at it in broad daylight as well. These people do not care about ANYTHING or ANYONE all they care about is their dirty money. My boyfriend was born in the state of Nayarit which unfortunately is now invaded by these terrible people. Mexico is truly living a horror movie right now. It's really sad to see how the people of this country are destroying one another. I just pray that somewhere along the way this lovely country can find some peace. Im glad we didn't experience anything crazy. Overall we had a great trip.

PS boooyy was the food GOOD! 

Love Luchi <3

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