Sunday, January 2, 2011

Park City, UT

Here are a few pictures from today. My boyfriends cousins were in town from LA/Mexico for the weekend so we took them up to Park City to show them around. Let me just tell you it was FREEZING COLD up there we were brave enough to walk around though!!!! After Park City we came back to Salt Lake and took them to this sushi restaurant called Simply Sushi. Ahhh we were MEGA full. But we walked it off in downtown SLC. 

I had been dying to wear this scarf and I finally did. I love scarfs like these. I think we were all on point with our scarfs. We most likely would of froze to death without them. I thought my hands were going to fall off though because I didn't have any gloves with me. We were all freezing. Overall we had a great time and his cousins LOVED the city!!!

Happy Sunday Friends.

Love Luchi <3


  1. Una dominicana en Utah? I'm surprised. but I love your blog, following as of today!