Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unforgettable Memories

As some of you may know I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. I realized how truly blessed I am. I have some of the most AMAZING friends and family. My boyfriend Julio planned a great weekend for me filled with surprises. My Birthday was Tuesday the 7th, however, I had to work that day and was unable to celebrate. Julio had previously asked me to take the weekend after my birthday off so that we may celebrate then. I was aware of a couple of things he had planned. Like the VIP section we reserved at a couple of clubs here in SLC. Little did I know that there was a lot MORE than just the VIP sections. 

Well the celebration began Thursday night. He picked me up from work gave me my first two presents of the night which were the Rihanna "Loud" album, and the "Viva La Juicy" gift set. I had been wanting both of those for quite some time now and he was nice enough to get them for me. We were then scheduled to pick up a friend of ours from the airport who was coming from Denver to celebrate with us, or so he made me believe. To my surprise we were really picking up my best friend who so happens to be my cousin Rosalina who lives in NY. If you know me you know how much I love my cousin. She is my everything my partner in crime as well as my party buddy. So the fact that he flew her in meant so much to me. I definitely could not believe that she was here. The reaction I had when I saw her was definitely priceless AND caught on camera by Julio. 

The surprises did not end there. The next day on Friday he let us know that he had reserved a hotel room for the weekend in one of the nicest hotels here in SLC. Julio lives a bit far away from SLC and so do a lot of our friends who were celebrating with us that weekend. He thought the room would be a great idea so that we wouldn't have to keep driving back and forth the whole weekend. Well that Friday night my cousin, Julio and I were the first ones to arrive at the hotel. As we walked in the first thing you saw were these balloons and these BEAUTIFUL roses. It was such a small detail yet it made such a great impact. I feel like its always the small things that make the big difference. That night we went on to celebrate with a few of our friends and it was definitely a good time.

Saturday I would say was "the main event." We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with my cousin and another one of my really good friends Marisol. After dropping my cousin and I off at the hotel he took off with Marisol to decorate my VIP section at the club. Which looked super cute with balloons in my favorite color, Chinese lanterns, and rather than having an actual cake I had THE yummiest cupcakes ever!!!! It was definitely a night to remember I LOVED every second of it!!!! I created some of the most unforgettable/amazing memories ever next to the people I love.

Sunday we planned dinner at Julio's house with his family and a few of our friends. Dinner was definitely GREAT. His mom cooks AMAZINGLY good. AND I had another surprise waiting for me. After we all finished eating dinner we headed downstairs to the family room to watch a video that Julio had put together for me. I am very attached to my family and unfortunately not all of my family lives in SLC. I have family down in the east coast and I also have family still back home in the Dominican Republic like my sisters, my dad as well as my nieces and nephews. Well Julio managed to get everyone to film a tiny little video for me wishing me a happy birthday and expressing their love for me. I don't think my weekend could have ended on a better note. That was the most beautiful thing ever!!!! I was so overwhelmed with emotion and happiness in my heart to see all of my loved ones. It was definitely a great birthday and one to remember.

I don't think I can ever thank Julio enough for planning such an AMAZING birthday. I love him oh so very much and appreciate all the effort he put into my birthday celebration. I can sure look back five years from now and think man that was one hell of a birthday. He definitely knows how to put attention to detail and he covered every single one this weekend. My cousin had to go back home tonight I sure will miss her but we spent a great and unforgettable weekend together. I am just so grateful for everyone who made this birthday a great and memorable one!!!! =))

PS I do have more pictures to come. I will post them tomorrow because it is kind of late and I need to go to sleep. ILY friends don't forget to follow me.. =))

Love Luchi <3

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