Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Here are some pics from myyy Halloween weekend. I dropped my camera and it no longer works. These pictures were taken with my phone so excuse the horrible quality. I didn't really go all out with the costumes I actually never bought one so this was all last minute. Friday I was a cat and Saturday I dressed up as a Butterfly. I couldn't keep my wings on because it was freezing so I had to throw my jacket on... And then you have my friend who loved her afro lol ILY Marii. 

Military inspired leather jacket H&M, Leggings & corset F21, Red and Black heels Easy Pickins, Black and purple skirt Walmart, Military inspired booties F21, Jewelery F21, Zip up leather jacket F21

Lets make it a Fabulous day!

Love Luchi <3

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